Gone Quixote


In approximately two months, we (Dan & Jevhon), having quit our jobs, sold our cars (and all our other worldly possessions), and abandoned our apartment, are going on a one-way flight to New Delhi. Don’t get us wrong; it’s not completely impulsive  and irresponsible. We have lots of of plans for that moment after we step onto the presumably blinding hot asphalt of a completely foreign country 20 hours away from anywhere we’ve even had a layover before .

Six days worth of plans.

We’re staying at City Hostel in New Delhi for four days and then flying up to Leh, Ladakh where we have our first  two nights booked. Then, well, then I guess we could be called impulsive and irresponsible, but I prefer the term”quixotic.”

Our plans beyond that- if they could be called “plans” considering their amorphous  character- are to travel India, southeast Asia, possibly Europe (and then the world!). We want to float the backwaters in Kerala, lose ourselves in a village in Cambodia, and hike El Camino de Santiago and, lest we be thought romantic to the point of delusion, let it be known we also want to get food poisoning from poor dietary decisions, be ripped off by at least a few shopkeepers, and be overwhelmed, bored, anxious, and maybe even homesick.

We want to experience the world outside the norms and expectations that we’ve experienced it in so far and maybe part of that is that we don’t know what we want and we don’t know what we’ll experience , but we kind of want that too.

T minus 59 days and counting.

Oh my god we’re actually doing this.


5 thoughts on “Gone Quixote

  1. I can’t wait to follow your journey! Don’t forget to take some pictures of food, especially the meals that result in a little food poisoning 🙂

    • Oh definitely we’ll take pictures of the food poisoning meals, if only to provide a warning to others 😉 By the way, I took a look at your blog and I love the idea of food as a way to understand the world and it really stuck with me. I’m going to think about that while traveling and for future posts.

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