Thai Islands

We’re in Koh Phangan, an island off the east coast of Thailand known for its Full Moon party and it, like all Thai islands we’ve been to so far, is absolutely beautiful. When traveling, it’s really easy to use the word ‘beautiful’ ten times a day, but these places are  like, a cliche of beautiful, screensaver beautiful, even if I personally found this not to be taste I’d kind of have  to call it beautiful because it’s this. I’m not even going to post a picture. Just google ‘beautiful beach’ and you’ve got it.

Herbal saunas, thai massages, pedicures, facials, drinks in coconuts, amazing Thai food, swaying palm trees, scuba diving in warm aquamarine waters, everything you could ask for right?

It is undeniably wonderful, but I’m starting to feel a little restless. I’m gearing for something a little rougher-  a crowded street, a struggle to understand, a dose of reality.

I’m crazy right?


2 thoughts on “Thai Islands

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